3 Powerful Robot Lawn Mowers for 2-Acre Yards

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Husqvarna Automower 430x

Robot lawn mowers seem like a nice idea in theory, right? But owners of properties that span two acres or more have limited options. Well, even though some mowers can’t handle that large of an area, we found a few mowers that can handle two full acres.

Not only can these mowers mow two full acres, they can handle that space as easily as a human mower could. You get to sit back and watch your robot mower do all the work with ease. Here are the top three robotic lawn mowers we’ve found that can mow your two acre lawn.

Managing Two Acres

As you read further details about our top picks, you’ll notice that they can handle between 0.5 and 1 acre at a time. Don’t worry–they can handle larger spaces. Because these grass cutters are autonomous, they’re able to return themselves to their charging stations, refill their batteries, and then set out again to finish their task without any human prompting.

Worx WR155 Landroid

Worx just came out with a new model of their Landroid, the Worx WR155 Landroid that improves battery length, power, and many other useful features like automatic adjustable blade for uneven terrain. It also utilizes advanced technology like high efficiency brushless motors.

This fully automatic robot mower can cut up to ½ acre at a time and can be controlled fully remotely from the Landroid app. Worx makes it easy for you to use your Landroid mower with features like its boundary wire that helps it return to the base when it needs to recharge. If you’re looking for a convenient robotic lawn mower that can handle two acres, The Worx WR155 is a solid choice.


This Worx Landroid model sports a 20V 6.0Ah power share battery that is compatible with all sizes of Worx batteries. The high-efficiency brushless motor allows this Worx model to run 50% longer, and is 25% more powerful, and has a 10% longer life compared to other motors that have brushed motors. 


This model has better clearance in tough terrain than many other mowers on the market. It utilizes a floating blade disk that lifts the blades automatically when traveling over uneven ground, making this mower ideal for tougher yards. It makes it so that this model rarely gets stuck even in tough spots. 

Ease of Use

With its pinpoint accuracy, durability on uneven terrain, and ability to be fully controlled from its mobile app, the Worx WR155 makes it so that you don’t need to tend to the mower. You can set it and essentially forget it while it mows. The Worx WR155 has a lot to offer with features that homeowners love. If you’re looking for a mower you can trust to do a good job, check out this mower from Worx.


  • Mobile app functionality makes it simple to use

  • Automatically adjusting blades for uneven terrain

  • Returns home via boundary wire to recharge


  • More powerful options available

  • Not the best battery length on the market

Husqvarna Automower 430x

Husqvarna Automower 430X

If you’re looking for a robotic mower for your two acre yard, check out the Husqvarna Automower 430X. It comes equipped with handy features like easy installation, built-in theft protection, and a compact design. It also uses GPS navigation to beautifully cut complex yards. This model from Husqvarna is loved by users, and is perfect for larger yards. 

If you’re looking for convenience, the Automower 430X is easily controllable via smartphone or smartwatch app. Mowing your lawn has never been easier. Just set it up, and easily mow your lawn from anywhere. Check out this model and see why users love it.


This mower sports a sleek, compact design that allows it to easily change directions and handle slopes up to 22 degrees and passageways as narrow as 24”. Its smart design allows it to avoid obstacles and use GPS navigation to ensure uniform cutting in complicated and bendy yards. This Husqvarna has a three-blade cutting system and a weatherproof design making it ideal for conditions of all kinds. There’s not much to worry about when using this two acre mower.


Like many automatic mowers, this model requires a boundary wire set up in order for safe, automatic return to the charging station. Once installed, the Automower senses when it needs a recharge, and uses the boundary wire to safely return to the dock, recharge, and return to the yard to finish the job. This model cuts up to .8 acres on one charge.

GPS Navigation and Safety

The Husqvarna Automower 430X comes with built-in theft protection functionality. It uses 4G technology to keep a steady signal so that you always know where your mower is. It keeps itself safe by sounding an alarm that can only be deactivated with a unique PIN that only the owner knows. If the mower is picked up and carried away, you will know and be able to find it immediately.


  • Accurate navigation

  • Handles complex cutting environments

  • GPS protection system


  • Installation kit sold separately that is required to complete installation

  • Struggles with extra bumpy slopes

Ambrogio L400i Deluxe

Ambrogio L400I

If you’re looking for the beauty and design of a luxury vehicle, the performance and functionality of a truck, and the sophistication of a robot all in your lawnmower, look no further. The Ambrogio L4001 is an incredible machine with lots of features that make it one of the best robot lawn mower for two-acre yards on the market.

With capabilities that let it run for 11 continuous hours and 24 degree slopes, The L400I can handle yards of up to 5 acres. It’s an extremely powerful and elegant machine that will cut your lawn beautifully no matter the size, shape, or complexity. With 3 separate cutting disks, flex rubber wheels, high efficiency motors, and much, much more, this Ambrogio model has all the bells and whistles that make it one of the best options for big lawns on the market. 

Such a capable machine naturally comes with a higher-than-average cost. The Ambrogio’s cost makes it more popular as a commercial mower, rather than a gadget for the average home.

Advanced Technology

The mower from Ambrogio sports so much advanced technology, it’s a lot like buying a new car. It has an onboard touch screen display that lets you easily set its function, high efficiency brushless motors that allow for more powerful performance and powerful lithium-ion batteries that allow for longer continuous cutting times making it suitable for up to 5 acre yards. 

The body itself is a carbon fiber chassis which makes it extremely lightweight and durable. For control, the ZCS Connect module allows you to control your L400I from anywhere while Smart Assistant helps this mower improve its functionality. You won’t find another mower packed with as much power or technology as this model. 

Cutting Ability

This mower comes with 3 separate cutting disks each equipped with premium 4 star stainless steel blades. This gives it precise cutting ability with one of the largest cutting surface areas on the robotic mower market, measuring at 84cm cutting width. 

The flex rubber rear wheels provide tremendous grip on all types of rough terrain and wet surfaces. This premium traction is something you’ll be pressed to find in other models. The mower can handle slopes up to 24 degrees that makes for a perfectly even cut throughout your entire yard, regardless of shape and contour.


  • 84cm cutting width

  • GPS navigation system


  • Long installation process

  • Slow charging time

Lots of Options for 2 Acre Lawns

Still looking? Homeowners with a little less space to manage can also check out our recommendations for 1-acre lawns

If you’re looking for a durable robotic lawn mower that can handle larger lawns and handle up to two acres, look no further. We believe these three choices are the best on the market for your home, and they provide a variety of functionality at different price points.

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