3 Robotic Lawn Mowers that Can Handle Your 1-Acre Yard

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Robot lawn mowers do a fantastic job cutting those small areas, but what happens when you own a larger piece of property? Most mowers cannot handle those massive spaces. However, there are some robotic lawn mowers for 1-acre yards. 

These machines are efficient and can handle all of those large jobs. Not only do they have the capacity to manage those large cutting times, but they mow the grass with ease. Here are our top three robotic lawn mower picks that can easily manage those one-acre lawns.


Husqvarna 450XH

If you are looking for a robot lawn mower that can handle up to 1.25 acres of grass, then the Husqvarna 450XH Automower Robotic Lawn Mower is an excellent choice. This machine offers plenty of fancy features, such as GPS-assisted mapping and slope mowing capabilities up to 24 degrees. It will work in all types of weather conditions as it operates throughout the day. Along with that, the Husqvarna gives your lawn that velvety smooth cut. 

For those looking for convenience, the Automower 450XH is easily controlled with a smartphone app. This model is also a budget-friendly option for those with larger yards. With its outstanding performance and durability, you will love this model for years to come. 


Many people love this Automower’s mowing patterns, and these machines can effortlessly change directions and mow in various patterns. With its safety features, it avoids obstacles and perimeter wires. You know that those big lawns take time to mow, and this device is capable of a 3 hour mowing time (at full charge). This model can be operated from a smartphone app to pause the machine, schedule mowing times, and configure the cut height. However, there is also a keypad and LCD to control it directly from the machine.  


Like any robot mower designed for 1 acre, you will need to install guide wires around your property for this device. This heavy-duty mower can navigate around obstacles and tight corners. With its ultrasonic sensors, the Husqvarna quickly detects any obstructions in its way. Along with that, it has a bump detector for added safety. 

Helpful Menu

Even though an app can control this robotic lawn mower, it still comes with a high-quality menu and a long-grass sensor. What is that? Well, when the machine detects an area of high grass, the mower uses this feature to spend some extra time to make sure that the grass is the same height as other areas of your lawn. You are left with a uniform look in your yard. 

Within the menu, you can program the weather timer, which will cut according to those various growth rates. In addition to that, this mower has an ECO mode, and it will turn off automatically if it detects any rain. 


  • Accurate navigation
  • Quiet operation
  • Maintenance-free machine


  • Must be carefully installed
  • Leaves and branches make navigation a problem

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Ambrogio L400i

For those who want an impressive robot lawn mower for 1 acre, then you cannot go wrong with the Ambrogio L400i Deluxe. With this machine, you have access to the latest technology on the market. It can cover a range of almost 4 acres. 

Since it uses lithium-ion batteries, the L400i features an efficient power system. You might think that this mower is heavy, but it is lightweight and has plenty of traction to take on those large spaces. 

The navigation system is adequate, but this machine has the capacity to squeeze into those smaller spaces. The charging time is a little long at 10 hours, but it can work for over 11 hours once it is charged. 


The Ambrogio L400i Deluxe is powered by electricity, and it is the ideal choice for those who want an eco-friendly option for their 1-acre robot lawn mower. Along with getting a beautifully manicured lawn, you can avoid those harmful gases and save your local environment. It is also a quiet machine that will not disturb the peace and tranquility of your neighborhood. 


The L400i uses GPS to navigate around your yard. While the setup is more complicated than other models, this robot lawn mower can handle those large yards and intricate landscapes once programmed.  


One important feature is the cutting blade. It is much larger than those other choices on the market, measuring at 84cm. At that measurement, it offers a cutting size that is three times bigger than other mowers. The blades are made with stainless steel, and they pivot around the arms. Since they are not fixed to one side, these blades can move around without any obstructions. 


Speaking of the L400i’s arms, this is one of the unique features found on this mower. Their arms can stay flat while still providing a precise cut for your grass. With that, this is the perfect machine for those who want fine mulching clippings for their yard. Fine mulch can fertilize the soil and improve the health of your lawn. 

Mowers Build

All robotic lawn mowers are built to last, but this model can handle all those heavy-duty jobs. The L400i has a durable carbon frame that can manage all those daily lawn care jobs. The wheels are sturdy, and it is equipped to travel up and down the most demanding terrains. If that wasn’t enough, the L400i comes with a 2-year warranty. 


  • 84cm cutting width
  • GPS navigation system


  • Slow charging time


The AM450X might be the best robot lawn mower for 1 acre. Your lawn will be completed in the least amount of time while still delivering high-quality performance. Along with that, this mower is user-friendly, especially for those novice robot lawn mower owners. 

The AM450X offers an easy-to-use app, and it can connect to Bluetooth. With these features, you can manage the operation of your mower from any location. 

With its 9.5-inch cutting width, you can relax and allow the AM450X to efficiently and quickly take care of those yard chores. Steep slopes are no problem since this machine mows up to 24 degrees. You can even adjust the cutting height. In addition to that, the AM450X is simple to set up, so there is no need to wait to cut your grass. 

The peg wires can be easily installed for a more precise cut. With its rain sensors, this robotic lawn mower will return to the base when it starts to rain. Once the weather has cleared, the device continues with its cutting chores. 


The AM450X also uses high-performing lithium batteries for a longer and more efficient cut. When you place this machine in the “Unique Mode,” it can cut beyond the wheel. This feature allows this device to give a beautiful finish to your edges and sides. 

Smart Features

Once those boundary wires are in place, the AM450X will navigate with ease. After the grass has been cut, this model returns to its charging base. Since it operates quietly, you don’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbors. It is so quiet that you could operate it throughout the early morning or late night hours.

Efficient Cutting

With this machine, you can easily have continuous cutting for longer hours. The AM450X works throughout all types of weather conditions, even throughout the rain. Along with that, this device provides you with fine grass clippings and a smooth finished cut. 


There’s one other factor that might make the AM450X a bad choice. If you live in the United States, it’s hard to find this model at local retailors. As a substitute, consider looking into the Robomow RS360. It didn’t get featured in this article because it can only cover three quarters of an acre, but the Robomow otherwise offers many of the same features.


  • Touch buttons and smooth operation
  • Convenient cutting schedule


  • Difficult to program seasonal timers
  • Difficult to find in the U.S.

1-Acre Robotic Lawn Mower Options

If you are looking for a great robotic lawn mower for your large yards, these are the top 3 choices. They will give you a precise cut even over those big spaces. Along with that, these devices offer plenty of options that can help keep your lawn looking great throughout the year. When you need to choose the best robot lawn mower for 1 acre, make sure to check out our top picks. 

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