Best Weeding Robots for Your Yard

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For those who are meticulous about their lawns, you want to keep those weeds away from your garden beds and other parts of your yard. There are plenty of weeding robots on the market, and you can definitely find one that meets your needs. These machines allow you to effortlessly take care of lawn care duties without too much work from you. We’ve told you about the best robot lawn mowers, now we’re turning over a new leaf and checking out some of the best robotic weeders that can tackle these chores, including one that is specifically made for the task.

The Tertill Weeding Robot

Tertill Garden Weeding Robot

If you are searching for a weeding robot that is made for that specific purpose, then choose the Tertill Garden Weeding Robot. This durable machine is weather-resistant, solar-powered, and waterproof. It is designed to operate autonomously, while special shields protect larger plants and flowers from the weeding process.

Tertill Garden Weeding Robot

Tertill Garden Weeding Robot


  • Unique Concept

  • Durable Machine

  • Maintenance-free Product


  • Covers a limited amount of space

Tertill Features

Similar to a line trimmer, the Tertill uses a weed whacker component to take down the tops of weeds before they have a chance to sprout into a bigger problem. Along with that, the wheels till the surface with a special design to prevent the weeds from breaking the surface. 

With its sensors, it can distinguish between a plant and a weed. The Tertill will turn away from it and focus on those nasty weeds. If you have smaller plants, they can be detected by using one of the metal plant guards. 

This little machine is fully automated, and it has plenty of advanced sensors that help it move around your yard. Like most of those robot lawn mowers, the Tertill is weatherproof, so that it can work in all types of weather. You can even leave it on throughout the day and night for a weed-free garden.

Designed to Weed Out Problems

This specialty weeding robot stands out with its green exterior and round shape. The Tertill looks more like a robot vacuum cleaner than a mowing machine. It does contain a solar panel that uses the sun’s energy to recharge the machine. That is a step up from other products that require a charging base. 

You might worry about this weeding robot on cloudy days, but it will get the job done at a slower pace. The Tertill is made with polycarbonate, and it is a durable option for your gardens. If you look underneath the surface, there are four cambered wheels that can handle angled surfaces and rough terrains. Since the wheels angle out, they allow the Tertill to have a wider center of gravity. 

Specially designed wheels of the Tertill


The Tertill moves around extremely well in your yard. Along with that, it can easily recognize plants from weeds in your garden. With its specially designed wheels, it covers plenty of space without any trouble. 

This weeding machine uses those same wheels to till the soil, so those pesky weeds don’t have a chance to break the surface. If there are any larger weeds in your garden, it will continue to spin that line until they are cut down to the ground. 

Is it Hard to Install the Tertill?

Set up is a breeze with the Tertill. All you have to do is unbox the unit and place it in your garden. There is a small button on the top that will start this machine. After that, this little machine goes on its way to keep those weeds out of your garden.  

If you want to control it from the convenience of your phone, there is a Tertill app. You can connect to the weeding robot via Bluetooth as you view the status of your machine. 

Tertill Garden Weeding Robot: The Final Word

If you are looking for a robot weeder that can handle small or medium-sized gardens, this is the top choice for you. It can operate throughout the year, in rain or shine. Plus, it harnesses the power of the sun to keep it moving in your garden. The Tertill uses two types of weeding actions to keep them at bay. It might not have all the features of a mower, but it is the top choice for those who need a machine that weeds with ease.

RS612 edging a lawn

Robomow RS612

When you notice those weeds getting out of control, you need to send your robotic mower to take them down. While this machine is designated as a lawn mower, it does a fantastic job of cutting down any weeds in your yard. Let’s take a look at the RS612 model from Robomow.

Robomow RS612


  • Simple Installation

  • Quiet Operation

  • Eco-friendly


  • High Price Tag

  • No GPS


Since the RS612 has a high price tag, you can expect plenty of features for the cost. This particular model offers extras that boost the value of this robotic weeder. One of the standouts is the rain sensor. Once raindrops start to fall, the machine can detect the moisture and return to its charging base.

For those yards with steep slopes, this machine handles those areas with no problems. It can effectively cut yards with up to a 35-degree incline. With its eco-mode setting, you can reduce those harmful carbon emissions with a simple touch of the button.

If you are wondering about mobile control, the RS612 can be operated via the phone app. With this connectivity, you can even program your mower to cut and weed in different zones of your property. That will allow you to set different cut lengths to handle specific spots in your yard.

The safe operation of the RS612 is not an issue. This model is equipped with a child lock, which is a rare feature for these machines. If the mower is picked up, it will stop any operation. Plus, it has an anti-theft alarm that will sound off when someone picks up the machine. A personal PIN code stops the screeching noise.

Robomow in action


If you are looking for a state-of-art design, this is not the model for you. Like all Robomow models, it comes in a basic color scheme of black and green. However, this garden weeding robot features a 22-inch diameter base so that you don’t have to worry about edging along garden beds and sidewalks. Its two stainless steel blades make this model an effective machine at cutting down those taller weeds and thick grass.


The Robomow’s RS612 is a workhorse for cutting grass and weeding your lawns. After it has operated for the first time, you might wonder why you waited to use a robotic mower. With its great features, this model can handle most types of terrains, and it tackles those weeds easily. Its scheduling app allows you to schedule mowing times, so those weeds don’t have time to spread throughout your yard.

On a single charge, this mower can cut lawns up to ¼ of an acre. You will also notice that this mower offers a quiet operating sound that only reaches a level of 68 decibels. Plus, when you need to replace the blades, they are easy to purchase and install.


Like most robot lawn mowers, you will have to set up boundary wires to keep them within your designated spaces. You can install the cables just above the surface or above the ground. With its charging base, you want to keep it away from the outdoor elements. After setting up these crucial features, your mower is ready to start cutting weeds and grass blades.

Top View of the RS612

Robomow RS612 Final Word

There is so much to love with this model from Robomow. It does a great job at cutting grass and removing weeds from your yard. All this can be accomplished with its bevy of features. However, one drawback is the price tag at $1,999. If you are looking for an effective solution to keep those weeds at bay, you cannot go wrong with the RS612.

The Automower 115H

Husqvarna Automower 115H

If you are searching for an entry-level mower for your weeding robot needs, check out this entry from Husqvarna. You can get the perfect lawn throughout the day, and it is the perfect model for those small or medium-sized yards. This mower can handle up to 1/4 acres of grass. Let’s take a look at the weed-busting abilities of this model from Husqvarna.

Husqvarna Automower 115H

Husqvarna Automower 115H


  • Professional Installation

  • Advanced Security Features

  • Easy operation


  • Limited GPS Connectivity


This Automower is packed full of features. With this model, Husqvarna’s Automower Connect gives you complete control of the mower from the hands of your smartphone. You can send commands to stop, start, and park the mower. Along with that, real-time alerts and alarms are sent to your smartphone. In the unfortunate event of theft, you can even track the position of your mower.

This model offers a patented guidewire that can assist the mower in making its way to the charging base. You can even set schedules and patterns for the lawn. This feature is helpful for those spaces that need some extra time to cut down emerging weeds.

Speaking of weeds, this model is packaged as a robotic lawnmower, but it can easily double as a robot weed eater. When you notice those pesky weeds in your yard, make sure to adjust the height adjustment. With the turn of a large knob, this durable mower is ready to mow those weeds down to the ground. After it is finished with the job, the Automower makes its way back to the charging station.

Automower returning to the charging base


For an entry-level model, there are plenty of design features to enjoy. With your high-resolution display, set up and programming is a breeze. If you are worried about theft, this model is protected by a PIN code and alarm system. When an unauthorized person picks up the mower, a high-pitched sound emits from the machine.

Many people are concerned about the mower if it tilts or lifts off the ground. Any disruption to the machine leads to an automatic shutdown of the mower. If the Automower detects an obstacle, the mower stops in its course and redirects to another part of your lawn.

Finally, when this weeding robot is scheduled 24/7, you will expect it to run into inclement weather. The Automower is durable, and it can withstand most weather conditions.


You probably know that lawns are not flat surfaces. Many of them have slopes that these robotic weeders must climb to maintain the lawn. The Automower has exceptional traction, and it can handle those slopes of 30-degree inclines. With its patented guide wire, you can start this mower from three different positions, which is a great feature for larger yards.  

With its silent operation, this mower works quietly throughout the day and night. The Husqvarna’s blades are designed with strong carbon steel, and they are mounted on a cutting disc system. These blades guarantee a sharp cut for your lawn, and those weeds will not stand a chance when they meet up with this mower.

The 115H heading down a slope


With this model, you can choose to install it by yourself or allow the dealer to handle it. This machine uses boundary wires to keep the mower on track. You can place the wires around garden beds or other spots where you want it to keep away. A collision sensor helps this mower avoid trees, walls, and other obstacles in your yard. Once the wires are set, you can easily program this power from the control pad.

Husqvarna Automower 115H Final Word

If you want an economically friendly garden weeding robot, the Automower 115H is a great choice. It is marketed as a lawn mower, but it can easily cut down those pesky weeds with all its features and keep them from sprouting up in your landscape.

Choose the Best Weeding Robot for Your Yard

Specially designed wheels of the Tertill

For those who want a machine that is specifically designed for weeding, you need to grab the Tertill. This hardy machine is an excellent choice to control and remove weeds from your garden.

However, Robomow and Husqvarna both have great mowers that will also stop those weeds in their tracks. With a set schedule and durable machine, you will not see these invaders in your yard.


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