Complete Review of the WORX Landroid M WR14: A Powerful Mower Perfect for Small Yards

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Worx Landroid M WR147

In our high-tech, automated world, it is now possible to buy a robot lawn mower.

Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. No more weekend hours spent cutting your grass, and more time to enjoy doing things you actually want and like to do.

Robot lawn mowers are still relatively new. But while the market is emerging, there are lots of options to choose from, one of which is the WORX Landroid M WR14, which is often listed as the WORX Landroid M WR140. These two machines are exactly the same. The official name is with the “140” but it’s become so popular that many refer to it as simply the “14.” Must be nice to have that kind of status!

At any rate, with several models available, WORX is one of the top brands when it comes to robot lawn mowers. Let’s take a look at the WORX Landroid M WR14, its features, and some pros and cons to see if this is the robot lawn mower for you.

The Landroid WORX M WR 140: A Discontinued Model?

Before we get started, there’s one thing you should know: the WORX M WR 140 has actually been discontinued.

But don’t worry! There’s still hope. Its replacement, the Landroud WORK M WR 147, is the exact same product. It seems Landroid decided it was time to update the name, but they changed very little else.

So, our review is still going to be focused on the WORK M WR 14, but know that when you go to buy this machine you will actually be purchasing the M WR147. All the features and benefits are the same. Only the name is different.

Now that we’ve clarified that, let’s proceed with our WORX Landroid M WR14 review.

Features of the WORX Landroid M WR14

All robot lawn mowers do more or less the same thing: they cut your grass. But each one offers something a bit different. Here are the main features of the WORX Landroid M WR14:

  • ¼ acre range

    One of the most important things to look for in a robot lawn mower is how much of an area it can cut. This is mostly determined by battery life but also the length of the blade. The WORX Landroid M WR14 has a 4 Amp battery and a 7” cutting blade, which means it can cut up to ¼ of an acre at a time before having to return for a charge. This range may actually be a bit smaller in real life, though, especially if you have lots of obstacles in your yard.

  • Floating blade deck

    Few people have flat lawns. When using a regular mower, to go uphill, all you have to do is push harder, or step on the gas. Robot mowers, however, have to do it on their own. Overall, the WORX Landroid M WR140 can handle up to 35 percent grades, which is equal to 20 degrees. But what’s nice about this model is that it has a floating blade deck, which means it will continue to cut flat and evenly even when on a hill. With other models, the blade will dig into the ground, producing an uneven cut that just doesn’t look that good.

  • Small and compact

    The WORX Landroid M WR14 stands out from the competition by being so small and compact. At just 22” long and 15” deep, it’s tiny, and it also weighs just 22 pounds, meaning most people can easily pick it up and move it. And because it’s so small, the motor is very quiet.

  • Artificial intelligence

    One thing the WORX WR140 does that other models don’t is it uses AI to navigate. This is particularly helpful when moving through narrow spaces. Without this, many mowers get confused in these areas and either turn around or stop altogether. This technology is currently patented by WORX, so you won’t find it on any other model.

  • Mobile app

    Who would have thought we’d live in a world where lawn mowers are controlled by apps on our phone? Probably no one, but this is how it works. To use the WORX Landroid M WR14, you must have the WORX app. From there, you can monitor the mower's performance, set a mowing schedule, and also keep up with regular maintenance. You cannot use the app to control the mower remotely, however, which is something you can do with other models.

  • Rain sensor

    Like all robot lawn mowers, the WORX WR140 is fully water resistant, meaning it is more than capable of cutting the grass when its raining. But wet grass can clog the mower and can also hurt your lawn. Using its rain sensor, the WORX Landroid M WR14 will stop cutting and return to it’s charging station. Then, when it stops, it will head out again and continue where it left off. How’s that for handy?

Pros and Cons of the WORX Landroid M WR140

Now that we’ve gone over the main features of the WORX Landroid M WR14, you can probably see why it’s such a good option for those looking to save time and money. However, while there are a lot of things we like about this mower, there are a few we wish were different.

After conducting an exhaustive review of the WORX Landroid M WR140, here’s what we found for pros and cons.


Here are the things we really like about the WORX Landroid M WR14.

  • Quiet

    One of the best things about this mower is how quiet it is. Even though it has a fairly powerful motor, it gives off just 63 decibels of noise.

    That’s about ten decibels lower than many of the other robot lawn mowers on the market. True, ten decibels isn’t that much. But since this mower is really best for small lawns (likely in the city) we love how unobtrusive it is. In other words, you don’t have to worry about waking up the neighbors!

  • Fast Charging Time

    Another great thing about the WORX Landroid M WR14 is that it charges from dead to full in just 90 minutes. This is great if you have a lawn that’s slightly bigger than ¼ acre or full of obstacles. In these cases, it’s likely the mower won’t be able to finish on one charge, so it will return to its base to recharge. But since this only takes an hour and half, it will be back out there quickly, making sure your grass is fully cut by the end of the day.

  • Easy-to-Use Mobile App

    All robot lawn mowers come with an app, but the one for the WORX WR140 stands out because of how easy it is to use. Built for both Android and iPhone, it’s very simple. You can access everything from the home menu (progress, maintenance schedule, battery life, cutting schedule, etc.) and also find useful information about how to care for your device.

    In addition, you can also turn on notifications, which will let you know when the mower has started, stopped, and if there are any problems you need to address. It will also tell you when it’s time to perform routine service.

  • Edge Cutter

    For those who have had to cut the grass all these years, you know it’s a two part project. First you have to cut the grass, and then you have to go back and cut the edges.

    WIth many robot lawn mowers, you still have to do this. But not with the WORX Landroid M WR140. By using a floating deck that extends all the way to the edge of the mower, the WORX Landroid M WR14 can cut grass within an inch of your house or other obstacles, leaving your lawn 100 percent done when the mower returns to the charger.

  • Price

    Lastly, we love the WORX Landroid M WR14 because of the price. Depending on where you get it, you should find it for $1,100. This price tag is usually reserved for less-performing budget options, but that is not the case for the WORX Landroid M WR14. It’s a quality machine but it also won’t break the bank.

    If you’re new to robot lawn mowers, you might think this is a bit expensive as compared to regular mowers. But since these devices don’t need gas, oil, spark plugs, etc., and require very little maintenance, they end up being cheaper to own in the long run. But you can also spend $5,000 or more on a big robot lawn mower, which is why we love this model so much.


While the WORX Landroid M WR14 is a great robot lawn mower, no one is perfect. Here are a few drawbacks you should know about:

  • Small Cutting Area

    While it might work for some people, the reality is that ¼ acres really isn’t a very large cutting area, especially when there are lots of other models out there that can cover .5 acres or more.

    The WORX Landroid M WR14 makes up for this a bit with its fast charging time, which allows it to cover more ground by cutting your lawn in phases. But for those not living in cities or other densely populated areas, this mower might get impractical rather quickly.

  • Installation

    In reality, this isn’t a knock against the WORX Landroid M WR14 so much as it is against the entire robot lawn mower industry. These things are a bit of a pain to install.

    For those who don’t know, they rely on a boundary wire that tells them the limits of your property. They communicate with it and use other sensors to map a path. In theory, you can set this wire up yourself, but unless you do it exactly right, the mower might not be able to figure out its optimal route.

    The solution to this is to have a professional install the wire, which can cost you anywhere from $500-$1,000. This isn’t cheap, but it’s somewhat unavoidable. So, if you decide to go for a robot lawn mower, make sure to add this into the overall price.

Worx Landroid M WR147

An Ideal Mower for Small Lawns

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to like the WORX Landroid M WR14, and why it’s one of the best robot lawn mowers in 2022. With its small yet powerful motor, it can quietly and effectively cut small yards. And with its modest price tag, using it will not only save you time but also money. So, if you’ve got the right sized lawn and a desire to use your weekends for something other than mowing the lawn, consider buying the WORX Landroid M WR14 today.

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