Graze Lawn Mower Review

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If you’re in the market for a fully autonomous commercial lawn mower, you might have heard about the brand new Graze Lawn Mower. It’s so new in fact, that they are still taking pre orders. You can join the waitlist here.

You may not know much about the Graze Lawn Mower yet since it hasn’t quite hit the market yet. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know in order to determine if the Graze Mower is right for you.

Graze Mower Capabilities

Graze Mowing is a venture capital backed company that has created a powerful mower capable of tackling large swaths of land, with the potential to save a considerable amount of labor expenses for landscaping companies.

At first glance, Graze looks like a new, fancy toy claiming to do big things. Looking at the information available, the technology on board seems to be more powerful than most options on the market:

  • Variety of sensors and proximity detectors used to understand its location and where to mow.

  • Run flat tires, adjustable contour adjustment and removable cutting deck useful for uneven terrain and large areas.

  • Onboard CPU, data connection, optical suite and GPS that work together and relays to your own command center.

  • Lights for cutting at night

  • Machine learning and computer vision software to more accurately understand where and how to cut.

  • 100% electric powered mower saving costs on fuel and maintenance.

This is one of the larger robot lawn mowers we’ve seen and with good reason: it has its own onboard computer and GPS system. It’s equipped with state of the art AI technology allowing it to learn and recognize objects in real time in order to get better at mowing over time.

The Graze Mower looks like it will be one smart, powerful beast of an autonomous mower. If it lives up to its hype, it may be the commercial mower of the future. 

Who The Graze Mower Is Perfect For

The Graze Lawn Mower is reported to be perfect for commercial landscaping. With the U.S. commercial landscaping industry valued at $115B, Graze positions itself as a solution to the high labor costs and low margins in commercial landscaping.

Graze claims to create opportunities to improve margins on commercial landscaping for landscapers and land owners alike. They mention the likes of golf courses, private estates, and landowners as target customers.

They also claim to serve the small to midsize landscaping market as well. With a high price tag, it may be a hard sell, but as this industry and product progresses, some smaller players may come around to the idea of a large, high powered and fully autonomous lawn mower to do the heavy lifting.

The company has made some early partnerships with a few companies in these industries including: 

  • Sundale Country Club – an 18 hole championship golf course with over 6,000 yards
  • Mainscape – top 20 largest commercial landscaping companies in the U.S.
  • Miranda’s Landscape – small to medium sized U.S. landscaper

Pros and Cons of the New Graze Lawn Mower

New technology is exciting, sexy, and oftentimes saves time and money. But, new products aren’t without their hiccups either. Sometimes, like with consumer products, the first generation of a new product has some bugs in the system. That’s a potential risk with buying a mower that hasn’t been released to the public market yet. Let’s dive into some pros and cons of the graze mower:

Benefits of Graze Mower

  • Onboard CPU and data processing

    Allowing a more powerful computing and learning environment for the mower and its software.

  • Machine learning and computer vision software

    That will teach the mower to recognize objects and perform a better job over time.

  • 100% electric powered

    Saving money on fuel.

  • Save costs on labor

    Through autonomous mowing.

Cons of Graze Mower

  • Expensive

    The mower will run you close to $30,000 dollars for the equipment and then another $1,000 per month to use the software. This high price is the highest on the market for this sort of product.

  • Unproven system

    As wonderful as this product seems, they are still for presale and have not been used or proven by the general public.

  • Risky

    Due to its unprovenness and its high price tag, this lawn mower is a risky investment. With new technology, there’s always a risk it doesn’t work.

As you can see, there’s a number of pros and cons to the Graze Mower. Be sure to weigh your options before making your decision. 

Grazer Mower Conclusion

Graze appears to be a perfect fit for someone willing to invest in a high ticket item looking to potentially save a ton on labor costs over time. But, as with most unproven products, it is a risk to make this investment. Make sure to evaluate your needs and options when considering this mower.

Maybe you’re someone who is not ready to cough up upwards of $30,000 for equipment and an additional $1,000 per month for its software. If you’re in this boat, there’s a number of alternatives to consider that may fit your budget. 

Alternatives to Graze Lawn Mower

WORX Landroid M WR 143

  • Trusted robotic lawn mower brand powerful and durable enough to tackle commercial lawn mowing projects
  • Landroid app allows you to fully control this autonomous mower from anywhere
  • Auto schedules, obstacle avoidance, Find My Landroid feature, smart AIA technology
  • Cuts up to ¼ acre at a time on a 90 minute charge

Gardena 15101 41 SILENO Life 8,100 Sq Ft

  • Highly intelligent mower that mows up to 8,100 sq ft at a time
  • Bluetooth app control, auto scheduling and simple configuration
  • All weather terrain mower including 35 percent slopes
  • Easy set up and silent navigation

Husqvarna Automower 430x

Husqvarna Automower 430X Robotic Lawn Mower

  • Easy DIY setup and boundary wire
  • Compact design and theft protection
  • 3 blade, weatherproof, silent and efficient mower

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