Honest Review of the Robomow RS630

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  • Whisper quiet
  • Precision cutting
  • Fast charge
  • Long lifespan
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Complicated setup
  • Short mowing time
  • High price tag
  • Blades need annual replacement
  • Adjust the height with one knob
  • Multi-zone mapping
  • Weather sensors
  • Dual blades with a 22-inch deck
  • Bluetooth-connectivity

Rating: 4.5/5


The Robomow RS630 is known for its rugged movement. It features a big body with a 44-pound premium drive. This robotic lawn mower can travel up those 35-degree inclines. As it heads down the hill, it does not slow down. On the horizontal ground, this plucky machine can turn on a dime. If it bumps into a large tree, the Robomow will automatically reroute itself like a Roomba for your lawn.

It features a 26V 6.0 AH lithium bromide battery that powers the 400W motor. The standard battery life is two hours of standby time, with 70 minutes of working time. This battery has an overall life expectancy of 5,000 full charges.

If you are concerned about noise pollution, the Robomow RS630 emits 74 decibels, which is less noticeable than a riding or walk-behind mower.

Ease of Use

When setting up the wire boundary, it can take up a significant amount of time. The wire will route an electrical current around the mowing areas. With the multi-zone mapping, you can program four separate regions for the robotic lawn mower to avoid. All these features make the setup process more complicated and time-consuming.

Along with that, the wires must remain flush to the ground. However, you must remember that all robotic lawn mowers require this setup, but the Robomow RS630 seems to be a little more complex than other models.

One great feature is the onboard display. With its software and sensors, the mower displays a scheduled completion time of the job. You just need to enter the square footage of the yard, and away the Robomow goes. It is accurate within 15 minutes.

The Robomow RS630 is a weatherproofed machine. However, you will not want to use it in wet conditions. With its onboard automated rain sensor, the RS630 can sense moisture and return to the charging base.

If you love app-based products, you will enjoy using the Robomow RS630. You can control it from an Android or iOS device. As it cuts through your lawn, review its progress and check on the battery life from your smartphone.

underside of Robomow RS630

Options and Cut Quality

The Robomow RS630 features a floating deck with twin arrays of triangular steel blades. With these blades, you will have a clean and even cut across your lawn. You can get a precise trim even along those rugged spaces.

If you need to adjust the cutting height, it is controlled by a single concealed knob. When this machine mows in a random pattern, it will give your lawn a carpet-like finish. It might look like a small robotic mower, but it provides a consistent job for every mow.

The Edge Mode feature is a can’t-miss option. The careful engineering of the blades allows it to move close to the lawn’s edge for a meticulous cut. Your yard is left with a stunning and professional edge. If you would rather stay in a standard mode, all you have to do is push a small button.

Robomow RS630 controlled by an app


One of the advantages of a robotic mower is its low maintenance. With the advanced software, you don’t have to worry about these models. It is also weatherproof and durable, and there is no need for any extra work from you. Some consumers have complained about the blades. You might have to replace the blades on an annual basis for a better cut. The process to change them only requires a quick snap into the base.

If you are wondering about the warranty, the Robomow RS630 is covered for one year.

closeup of the Robomow's wheelSafety Features

For those who have children and pets, the Robomow RS630 is one of the safest products on the market. When it makes any type of contact with an obstacle, it stops cutting and automatically redirects its course. Along with that, it features adaptive speed control and a child lock. If you want an accident-proof model, this is the best option for you.


One drawback of the Robomow RS630 is the price tag. You could purchase a small riding lawn mower for the same cost. With a bigger autonomous mower, you can cover larger lawns and operate in the rain.

The Robomow RS630 will require some time and patience as you established the wire boundaries in your yard. After the setup, you never have to worry about cutting the grass again. Your lawn will be immaculately cut throughout the growing season. The only maintenance you need to worry about is making sure the charging station is plugged in for this unit.

Is It Worth the Price?

This is one of the best robotic lawn mowers on the market. Yes, it is more expensive than the competition, but it offers some great features, such as Edge Mode and Bluetooth connectivity. With its minimal maintenance costs, it will practically pay for itself after a couple of seasons. If you are ready to take the robotic lawn mower plunge, make sure to select the Robomow RS630 mower.

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