Honest Review: Worx WG794 Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

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All those features that you love in the WG790E are available in a newer and better model: the WG794. This robotic lawn mower features multi-zone programming and AIA cutting technology. It can cut large surfaces, like 2.5 tennis courts. If you are looking for a robotic lawn mower for your space, here is our honest WORX WG794 Landroid review.  
Worx WG79

Main Features:

  • Intelligent navigation system
  • AIA technology
  • Multi-zone functions
  • Anti-theft protection

The Basics:
Check out these basic features of the Worx Landroid robotic lawn mower

Power System

A 28V Lithium-ion battery powers this magnificent machine, and it features an electric motor that can be recharged at the station. When it is running low on battery power, the WG794 will head to the charging station. It does take up to 2 hours for the battery to recharge with only one hour of mowing time.

Once the lawnmower is charged, it will produce practically zero emissions with its whisper-quiet engine. You can use this robotic mower any time of the day, including the night and morning.


For its cutting mechanisms, the WG794 has four separate blades with one pivoting disc. These blades are small and spin freely on their own. You can expect them to provide you with a fine cut for your grass. The blades can be easily changed with this model. Just make sure to follow all the manufacturer’s instructions.

There is one safety feature to consider. When the Worx Landroid does come in contact with an obstacle, those blades will return under the rotator disc.

Worx WG794 near a treeCutting Height and Diameter

When compared to other robotic lawnmowers, the Landroid mower has a small cutting surface of 7 inches. While that is beneficial for those narrow spaces, it doesn’t cover much ground with those mowing capabilities. The Worx WG794 can still cut those large spaces, but you will have to give it some time to tackle those bigger mowing jobs.

Height Adjustment

With the changing seasons, you will want to adjust the height of your robotic lawnmower. A large dial on the top of the mower allows you to accomplish that task. You can choose a cut height from 35 -100mm with five separate cutting lengths. If it is your first time using the Landroid, just don’t set it at the lowest height.

The Features

Here are some of the features included with this Landroid.

Navigation System

Worx has equipped all their robotic mowers with artificial intelligence. With these features, the mowers can navigate through your property and make quick decisions. All these models are more innovative than the competition. The navigation system is the top-selling point for many consumers. At this price range, the Worx Landroid beats out all similarly sized models.

WG794 navigation system


Unfortunately, the Worx WG794 Landroid does not support any Wi-Fi connectivity. You can connect with an app from Worx.

Multi-Zone Features

One of the best features of the WG794 is the multi-zone options. You can allow this machine to work in two separate areas. However, the boundary wires will need to be placed in both of these spots. For those narrow passageways with no paths, you might have to lift the mower to finish the job.


Safety Features

Here are some great safety features if you are concerned about having a robotic lawn mower roaming your property.

programming the WG794Alarm and PIN System

With a unique PIN code, you are the only one who can use the WG794. If your kids play in the yard, they will not be able to turn on the machine. Along with that, any potential thefts are thwarted with this system. When someone attempts to use it without your permission, an alarm will sound, and a notification is sent to your app.

Bump and Lift Sensors

If the WG794 runs into obstacles, power to the rotator disc is turned off. This machine will stop in motion, reroute its path, and continue with the mowing. Within two seconds of reaching an obstacle, the Landroid locks down the blades. In addition to that, if the machine is lifted, the blades immediately shut down to prevent any damage.

Other Benefits

The Worx offers a few more benefits with this machine.


As the grass is cut into small pieces, it can drop down to the soil. This process is known as mulching. Once the tiny scraps decompose, they will add nutrients to the earth. In turn, you will have a healthier lawn.

Weather Sensors

Many robotic lawn mowers cannot mow on wet grass. When it starts to rain, the Landroid will stop and head for the charging station. It will not move until the grass is dry. Wet grass can clog up the machines and use more battery power. This feature almost guarantees excellent results for your lawn.

Landroid Price

Out of the box, you can find the WG794 for around $1,000. The WG794 Landroid cost is a little lower on the secondary market.

The Downsides

With all its benefits, there are some cons to these machines. The one drawback is the charging time. Many competitors are quicker with batteries that last for a more extended amount of time.

If you have two separate areas that are not connected, you may have to lift the robotic lawn mower to finish the job.

Like all robot mowers, this machine cannot mow outside of the boundary line. However, that is an issue with all of these robot mowers.

Should You Buy It?

According to our Worx Landroid review, the WG794 is a magnificent machine. It features excellent options, like the multi-zone function and smartphone connectivity. This is a great model for those who want to cut at various thicknesses and lengths. Plus, it can perform on any type of grass species. You can have a perfectly manicured lawn without any of the fuss.

With all these features, it is an excellent option at the $1,000 price point. There’s one catch–this particular model from the WORX line has been discontinued and may be difficult to find in stores.

If you want to get into the world of robotic lawnmowers, your perfect model is still out there! WORX is still a leading brand among autonomous mowers, and the WORX Landroid WR140 or the WORX Landroid WR153 both benefit from many of the same features and share the same high quality of manufacturing.

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