Husqvarna Boundary Wires: Everything You Need to Know

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The world of automatic lawn mowers is here. Mowing the lawn has long been one of those pesky tasks no one wants to do. But thanks to robotics and artificial intelligence, you no longer have to deal with this nuisance if you don’t want to. 

You know this, which is why you own or are considering owning a Husqvarna robotic lawn mower

Great choice. Packed with features, they regularly make it onto our lists of the best robot lawn mowers of the year.

They can do a lot of their own. But to get them working, you need a property installed and functioning Husqvarna boundary wire. 

Fortunately, this should be a straightforward process. To make sure you get it right and can make the most of your Husqvarna mower, here’s everything you need to know about their boundary wires.

What are Boundary Wires and Why Do You Need Them?

Boundary wires are, as the name suggests, wires that run around the boundary of your property. Your robot lawn mower needs this to be able to map out the area where it needs to mow, and also to prevent it from wandering off your property. 

The robot lawn mower sends out radio signals and uses the response to know where it is and figure out its next moves. It must be in constant contact with the wire otherwise it will malfunction.

Some robot lawn mowers are coming out without boundary wires, but all Husqvarna models, including the Automower 115h, 435x and 450x.

Do I Need to Use a Husqvarna Boundary Wire?

If you buy a Husqvarna robot lawn mower, it’s a good idea to use Husqvarna boundary wire. Using an OEM wire will ensure maximum performance. 

However, Husqvarna boundary wire only comes in 500m rolls. If you need more, it can get really expensive really quickly. Consider using generic boundary wire, which gives you twice as much for the same price.

Guide Wire vs. Boundary Wire

As you’re familiarizing yourself with your Husqvarna robot lawn mower, you may notice that the terms “boundary” and “guide” wire are both used. They are not the same thing. 

A boundary wire goes around the outer edges of your property to map out the mowing area. The guide wire, on the other hand, cuts across the length of your property and is used to help guide the mower back to the charging station when it runs low on battery or rain starts to fall. 

How to Install a Husqvarna Boundary Wire

Many robot lawn mower companies, such as Worx, recommend that you have a professional come to your property to install the boundary wire. But Husqvarna doesn’t. Installation is fairly simple. EAch mower comes with an installation kit. If you’re buying second-hand, you may need to get this yourself. 

With the installation kit in hand, just follow these steps: 

  1. Place your charging station in the location you desire. 

  2. Connect one end of the boundary wire to the charging station. 

  3. Walk the wire around the edges of your property. The mower will cut everything inside this area and not anything outside it, so make sure you’re choosing the right amount of space. 

  4. Secure the wire at regular intervals using Husqvarna boundary wire stakes or generic boundary wire stakes.

  5. Attach the other end of the wire back to the charging station to make a full circle.

  6. Enclose any areas on your property you want the mower to avoid with boundary wire (such as a sand box or a garden bed) and secure it with stakes. 

And that’s it! You’re done. Once the wire is installed and the batter is charged, you are all set to start using your Husqvarna robot lawn mower.

Husqvarna Boundary Wire Maintenance and Repair

Hopefully, once you install your Husqvarna boundary wire you won’t have to think about it again. But like all things, maintenance is required and will improve your mower’s functionality. 

Some common things that can occur include:

  • Wire becomes unplugged from the charging station.

  • Wires break. You can often fix this using a boundary wire repair tool, or you may need to replace the wire if it’s too serious.

  • The boundary is wrong. If after a while you’re not happy with your mower's performance, you can relay the boundary wire.

  • People trip on the boundary wire. Should this problem persist, consider buying the wire into the ground just one inch. It requires a little upfront manual labor, but it will make your lawn safer.

Enjoy Your Husqvarna Robot Lawn Mower

With your Husqvarna boundary wire properly installed and working, there’s nothing left to do except sit back and enjoy that a machine does all your lawn mowing for you. Pay attention to see if the wire gets disturbed, and you can always contact Husqvarna support if you have any questions. Until then…happy mowing!

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