Honda Miimo 3000 Robotic Mower Review

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  • Exceptional cut performance
  • Handles slopes and inclement weather conditions
  • Maneuvers around obstacles
  • Limited Bluetooth connectivity
  • The front wheels are too small
  • Works with Android/iOS
  • Li-ion 22.2V battery
  • 25-degree slope capacity
  • 20-60mm cutting heights
  • 45min charging time / 90min mowing time

Rating: 4.5/5

The Verdict

If you are looking for a great little robotic grass cutter, you cannot go wrong with the Honda Miimo 3000 robotic mower. This handy machine leaves your lawn looking lush and maintained, but it barely makes any noise as it moves along your property. However, some common complaints include the lack of reliability when it comes to the Bluetooth app. Despite these minor shortcomings, the Honda robot lawn mower is an excellent choice whether you have a small plot or large lawn. This Honda Miimo review gives you an opportunity to make an informed choice for your lawn. 

Whether there is rain or shine, the Honda automatic lawn mower is weatherproofed to handle the toughest jobs. This machine can cut grass up to an acre. It is stated that the Miimo can tackle those slopes of up to 25 degrees. The 3000 features a quiet operation as it provides precise cutting for your grass. 

Unlike other Bluetooth-connected lawn mowers, this Honda robot mower does not offer full connectivity from the app. Along with that, the small wheels tend to get stuck in dips and holes in the lawn. 

Miimo on the grass

Grass Cutting

When tested on a large lawn (half an acre), the Miimo performed the job without any missed spots. The yard was evenly cut with zero tufts.


As the Miimo cuts the grass, it operates in a random pattern. As it roams throughout your yard, the Miimo delivers 100 percent mowing coverage. With that, you can keep your grass looking great throughout the year.

Handling Obstacles

Fixed obstacles, such as trees and stationary fences, are no problem for the Miimo. However, those small front wheels tend to get stuck in those sunken spots of the lawn.

Yards with uneven turf may have better luck with the Husqrvana Automower 315x. It’s another quiet mower designed for yards of a similar size, but for the same price you’ll get front wheels with greater lift.


When the Miimo is pushed to a 30-degree angle on dry lawns, it can cut grass with ease. However, on wet or damp grass, this robot lawnmower maxes out on a 20 to 25-degree slope.

Efficient Design

This impressive robotic lawn mower is the most powerful and largest model from Honda. If you have a 310 or 520, you will notice a considerable upgrade from those models. A hard plastic shell protects the components, with the LCD control panel hidden by a lift-up flap.

Honda Miimo Benefits and Features

For those who love technology, you will want to hook it up to your smartphone or use the Mii-monitor app. All these features are readily connected via Bluetooth.

The Honda app offers an easy-to-use interface, and set up is a breeze. However, with its Bluetooth connectivity, you will need to be close to the lawn mower to get it to work. This model can deliver notifications and warnings to your phone only if you are within a few feet of the mower

If the lack of a long-distance app is a deal breaker for you, the Gardena SILENO Life might be a better match. Gardena’s smart yard app is a huge part of their robot mower model, and you can also use it to automate additional chores like watering the lawn. The app is free if you want to check it out.

Inside the Miimo

If you flip over the machine, it is controlled by two small wheels near the front. All the wheels have “spikes” that can grip the ground for better traction. Those wheels are tiny and can get stuck in a large hole or crack. Any long pieces of grass will wrap around the axles after a few passes on the lawn. Every few weeks, you should clean out the base of the mower to prevent any binding.

The rotary disc is 220mm with three swing-out blades. Its cutter disc protects the machine from scraping any lawn bumps. When the mower stops, the blades have a spring that retracts into the device for added safety around your home.

While you cannot sharpen the edges, they are double-sided. The motor also rotates them in an alternate clockwise and anti-clockwise pattern. If you need to replace the blades, the process is simple.

For those who are familiar with robot mowers, the Miimo 3000 employs micro-mulching technology. In other words, the grass clippings are chopped into tiny pieces. These pieces drop down to the ground and act as a natural fertilizer. With every pass, the Miimo produces a clean-cut, even for those lawns with higher grass heights.

After a few weeks of cutting, you will notice a velvety textured lawn without any missed spots. Its internal navigation uses a perimeter wire to outline the garden boundary. That perimeter wire also leads back to the docking station.

Charging the Honda Miimo

For a full charge, the station must be installed on a flat surface. The Miimo charges quickly. In 50 minutes, your robotic lawn mower will be ready to go up for an hour and a half of active mowing time.

The Miimo 3000 features three cutting modes, including directional, mixed, and random patterns. You can even program it to mow different places on a specific day of the week. With the boundary area, you will be able to mark off any prohibited spaces.

Miimo on its charging base

When the machine runs into obstacles, it will spin around and head in a different direction. This Honda lawnmower offers sensors that will stop the machine if it is lifted or tilted. With those safety features, it is safe to use around your pets and children.
If you want a quiet machine, this Miimo is the best choice on the market. It is so quiet that you might not know it is operating. However, you might hear a slight whooshing sound as the grass is cut. This is a great mower to operate in those early morning hours without disturbing the neighborhood.

Honda Miimo Price

The Honda Miimo 3000 is not an inexpensive robotic lawnmower. If you are to purchase it directly, Miimo’s cost is around $2,100. However, you might be able to find the Honda Miimo on Amazon for a lower price. Some of those models do not have all the manufacturer warranties.

Should You Buy the Honda Miimo 3000 Robot Mower?

This is an exceptional robot mower for most sized spaces. It can handle a half-acre with minimal effort. Along with that, it is low maintenance, easy to set up, and excellent at navigating tight and sloped spaces.

However, its Bluetooth connectivity issues and small wheels prevent it from achieving a perfect score. If you want to purchase a robotic lawn mower, you cannot go wrong with the Honda Miimo 3000.

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