Robot Mowers for Large Lawns

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When you need to mow those large areas of land, you might think that robotic lawn mowers are out of the question. However, there are plenty of durable robot mowers that can handle those big spaces. Some even have those special features that you can find on a smaller model. Here is our list of the best robot mowers for large lawns.

450X cutting a lawn

Husqvarna Automower 450X

Husqvarna is known for its high-quality robotic lawnmower, and the Automower 450X is no exception. This entry into the category of best robotic lawn mower for large lawns features a robust app and SMART technology. It can cut up to 1.25 acres and even tackle those steep inclines. If your yard is bumpy, there is no need to worry. The Automower 450X can ramble on while still cutting those long grass blades. Once the GPS records the layout of your lawn, it will store away that map and use that information for future jobs.

Husqvarna Automower 115H

Husqvarna Automower 450X


  • Comprehensive safety and security features

  • Precise cutting options

  • Compatible with smart assistants


  • High price tag

  • Cannot cut along the edge of a lawn

Since the Automower 450X is an expensive piece of equipment, you want to keep it safe with some extra safety features. This machine has a time-lock, installation lock, and PIN code. If anyone picks up the device, it will release a high-pitched alarm. Along with that, those safety features extend to your children and pets. The ultrasonic sensors can sense these objects and slow down the mower.

Closeup of the Automower 450X

Like most robotic lawnmowers, this model will not collect the blades, but it will cut them into fine clippings. In addition to that, this robotic lawn mower does cut into stripes but rather a random motorized pattern. You can also adjust the cutting range on this mower from 0.8 to 2.4 inches. With its carbonized steel, the three pivoting blades provide a precise cut for your lawn.


The Automower 450X offers the “Spot Cutting” feature, which trims the lawn into a tight spiral pattern. After it has finished, the mower returns to a randomized cut. This model is designed to mow the grass in all types of weather conditions, including those heavy rainstorms.

Today, many consumers are looking for those SMART features, and the Automower offers plenty of those options. You can use this mower in combination with your Google Home or Amazon Alexa systems to stop, start, and park the mower. If you don’t have those smart assistants, then the machine can be controlled through a mobile app. With these features, you can create a customized cutting pattern with its zone division and scheduling options. Plus, the app will provide you with real-time updates on the mower’s progress.

RS612 edging a lawn

Robomow RS622

Any robotic lawn mower is a significant investment, but the convenience of these machines makes up for that. If you are looking to get a precise cut for your lawn, the Robomow RS622 is the perfect machine for you. This model can handle yards up to 1.5 acres. With its twin blades, the grass is cut into fine compost for your lawn.


The Robomow RS622 is packed full of features. Its remote access is one of the top-selling points. You can easily connect this mower to your smartphone or Bluetooth device. With that, you can change the schedule or check on the status of the model.

Unlike most robotic mowers, this model features a floating cutting deck that provides a nice finish to your yard. That feature makes this machine a cut above the rest. With a large lawn, you want a battery that can hold up to the task. The Robomow has lithium batteries that can cut for several hours before needing a recharge.

A side view of the RS622

Robomow RS622


  • Quiet operation

  • Programmable


  • Complicated setup process


If you want to program the Robomow, that is not an issue. It features a “zone cutting” option that allows you to divide your lawn into sections for a more precise cut in those spaces. In addition to that, its rain sensor will make sure that the mower does not get damaged in wet weather.

Like most robotic lawnmowers, the Robomow has security features to prevent theft. If there is trouble in the yard, the machine will ping your smartphone. There is even a feature that will disable the mower if an authorized user tries to operate it. When you have a family or pets running in the yard, you are worried about safety. The RS622 model can sense an object in its way and turn to cut into another direction.

The Landroid cutting on a slope

Worx Landroid WR153

The best robotic mower for large lawns in the Worx line is the WR153. This model can cut lawns up to a half-acre. The Landroid adapts to the current conditions of your property for a precise cut.

This model features a wide range of options, especially for those larger lawns. You can even add some optional accessories to create the perfect robotic lawn mower for your yard.

With the Worx WR153, you can have a great-looking lawn without any of the fuss. This model uses the latest technology to learn the shape of your yard and adjust its cutting patterns. Plus, this model can cut to the edge of your grass for a neat and trim lawn.

The navigation system features apps for iPhone and Android devices. All you have to do is program the model and watch its progress from the convenience of your phone. With its AIA technology, this model uses artificial intelligence for better accuracy. It can even cut between those narrow gaps. You can even use the multi-zone option for certain spots of your yard.

The Landroid WR153

Worx Landroid WR153


  • Highly customizable

  • Smart scheduling and options


  • Clumsy installation

One great feature is the sleek charging station that doesn’t take up too much space near your garage or home. If you wonder about the cut quality, the three blades are connected to a central disk that spins in both directions. With that, you don’t have to worry about replacing the blades as often like with other robotic mowers.


The setup process is a little complicated if you are not a robotic lawnmower pro. The instruction manual is lacking information, but you can find plenty of tips on the Worx website. To connect the device, you will need Wi-Fi and access to the app. After that, it is just programming in a few key details, and your machine is ready to tackle your yard.

Best Robot Mowers for Large Lawns

If you are looking for a robotic lawn mower that can handle those large spaces, these three models are the best on the marketplace. All of them come with features that make cutting grass a breeze.

Plus, there are plenty of security and safety options to make these mowers the ideal choice for your large lawns. Now homeowners with bigger spaces can enjoy the convenience and cut quality of a robotic lawn mower for large lawns.

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